3 Reasons to Add Quinoa to Your Diet

Quinoa is one of the most well rounded foods we have in our grocery stores today.  It is so nutritious and so easy to grow that some scientists have even considered trying to grow it in anti-gravity conditions in space, to provide astronauts with a way to extend their food supply. 

Quinoa is truly a superfood – here are some specific reasons to start cooking with it as soon as possible.

quinoa seeds in two bowls

Quinoa is excellent for a Plant-Based Diet

It can be tricky for vegetarians to get enough of the iron and protein that they need to get through the day, especially if they lead active lifestyles that require protein to build muscle and iron to keep those muscles oxygenated.

Luckily quinoa has one of the highest amounts of protein for a grain, and it has all nine essential amino acids.  This means quinoa is more likely to make your diet feel whole and complete, even while cutting out gluten and meat products.

Quinoa is High in Fibre

Fibre helps give your digestive system that extra kick it needs to keep things healthy and moving.  In addition to digestion help, it also has been proven to lower cholesterol and also therefore lower risk of cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. 

It can help you feel fuller, longer, so you no longer feel the need to snack between meals or overeat after one meal does not fill you up enough.  Quinoa contains nearly double the amount of fibre compared to other whole grains.

Naturally Gluten Free

Quinoa is a grain that is completely free of gluten.  It is a perfect substitute for other gluten-heavy grains and often times even a better alternative to other grains.  Quinoa can satisfy your grain cravings, while at the same time pairing well with any salad, main course, or side dish you could think of.

grain salad with quinoa and fruit in a bowl


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