Pull Apart Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns – Gluten Free

Published on Sep 19, 2018

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Serves: 12
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Warming Gluten-Free Pull-Apart Sticky Pumpkin Spice Bun recipe! All I can think of is warm, buttery, sticky, deliciously spiced pumpkin spice buns straight out of the oven, especially on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning. Or enjoy our favorite Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns.

tower of three pumpkin spice buns

While the sticky pumpkin spice buns are baking, the aroma in the kitchen is intoxicating! OMG

Pull Apart Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns For Holidays

Holidays are about memories with the family, good friends and delicious food. These Gluten-Free Pull-Apart Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns will be one of the memories because they are that good!

However, they are a little messy because you pull them apart, and some sauce may drizzle over your fingers. But, well worth it!

Why use quick-rise yeast in sticky pumpkin spice buns recipe?

To make the Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns, I used quick-rise yeast for the dough. I like to use quick-rise yeast for gluten-free baking for four reasons.

  1. The dough rises faster
  2. Needs only one rise
  3. You can mix the yeast with dry the ingredients
  4. There is no need to proof the yeast first. Just make sure the yeast has not expired. Yeast has an expiry date; after that date, you are taking chances for the dough not to rise as it should.

TIP: Yeast should always be kept in airtight container and in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.


sticky buns, gluten free

this recipe is all about the sticky pumpkin spice sauce

The sauce is what makes these gluten-free pull-apart buns stand out from most. The sauce is made with butter, maple syrup, coconut sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Yes, the sauce is sweet and buttery, making the buns sticky and delicious. I have also added pecans to the sauce, adding some crunchiness and nutty flavours. If you don’t like pecans, you can substitute the pecans for walnuts.

These Gluten-free Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns are all about rolling the dough with buttery, sweet and creamy sauce filled with pecans and then baked.

Once the buns finish baking, turn them out onto a platter, exposing the bottom, which is where all the flavour and butter is. The pan will have some extra sweet caramelized butter leftover from the buns, which is spread over the buns. Doesn’t this sound too good and incredibly delicious?

tips on measuring flour

One last thing I would like to mention when you measure the flour is that PLEASE do not dip the measuring cup into the flour, but rather using a scooper, scoop the flour into your measuring cup, and then level it off with a knife.

You should always use this method for measuring. Otherwise, you will have too much flour, and the baked goods will be dry. However, weighing the flour using a kitchen scale is your best option.

Reheat Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns Leftovers

As with all gluten-free baked goods, they are best when fresh. If you have leftovers, pop them in the microwave for about twenty seconds, and they will be just as yummy as when you just finished baking them.


To store leftover Sticky Pumpkin Spice Buns, place them in an airtight container. They will keep up to three days at room temperature. Enjoy!

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