Gluten-Free Singapore Noodles

Published on Feb 10, 2016

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Serves: 4
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Gluten-Free Singapore Noodles are made with fresh, spring vegetables, scrambled eggs, ginger, garlic, tamari sauce, curry powder and rice noodles. A satisfying, nourishing dish on the table in under twenty minutes.

In this Asian dish, the vegetables are briefly cooked, leaving the texture tender but firm to bite. The well-seasoned curry sauce combined with the noodles and veggies works exceptionally well. The dish relies on the sauce to flavour this beautiful Singapore noodle dish.

The best gluten-free Singapore noodle dish!

To make this vibrant coloured vegetarian dish is so quick. Once you prep the veggies, everything goes very quickly. So it is essential to have everything prepared before you start cooking.

only 20 minutes for this noodle dish,

The entire meal takes only twenty minutes from start to finish making this an easy weeknight meal. And, you can easily substitute leftover chicken or pork for the eggs.


singapore noodles in a bowl


What about vegan diet?

Suppose you follow a plant-based diet. You can substitute firm tofu for the eggs. However, if you are using tofu, cut it into small cubes so that the tofu can absorb the flavours of the sauce. 

This noodle dish is an uncomplicated recipe with exceptional results.

This recipe has the authentic taste you find in a simple Singapore noodle dish. This plant-based recipe is excellent for the spring and summer when veggies are fresh and in season.

the key to make perfect Singapore noodle dish,

The key to the perfect texture of vegetables is to cook them briefly at high temperatures. The veggies will be tender with a bit of a bite and retain most nutrients.

 If you cook the vegetables at a lower temperature, they take longer to cook and will become soft and soggy.

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