Gluten-Free Chocolate Coffee Brownies

Published on May 08, 2021

  by   Kristina Stosek

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Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Serves: 16
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You have never met a gluten-free brownie like this Chocolate Coffee before. Let me explain what these chocolate coffee brownies are all about…Because there is a lot to celebrate this Sunday. Yes, it is Mother’s Day! And because it’s the weekend…and because everyone loves a delicious chocolate dessert. But, do we need a reason to enjoy a yummy chocolate dessert?

Ok so, these gluten-free chocolate coffee brownies are pretty simple. Meaning they do not take a lot of time to prepare, AND if you need a chocolate fix in a hurry, you can eat these while still warm. In my opinion, the brownies taste even better!


chocolate coffee brownie, gluten free


Before I dive into the delicious details, let me explain why I am sharing these gluten-free brownies recipe with you. I have a lot of brownie recipes on only gluten-free recipes blog. But, I don’t have one brownie recipe that tastes like a chocolate cappuccino. Chocolate coffee brownie with chocolate coffee frosting, and preferably eaten slightly warm. YUM!

the tasty details…

The recipe is straightforward gluten-free brownie batter with my personal touch. I added coffee and cream and cut back on cocoa powder. This gave the brownie a mild coffee flavour without overpowering the chocolate. 


gluten free brownies


the chocolate coffee frosting…

The brownie frosting is what makes these brownies. It is made with chocolate chips, cream, coffee and Nutella in a double boiler. And, it takes only about five minutes to prepare. Then, the frosting is poured over the warm brownies. So simple 🙂

When I set out to make these gluten-free chocolate coffee brownies, I knew that they would become a huge hit. I think the coffee and Nutella combination made these brownies outstanding. 


chocolate coffee brownie, gluten free


It was so important to me that they would have the perfect brownie texture. You know…rich and buttery, not dense, dry or cakey, and have the tastiest frosting.

I made an easy chocolate coffee frosting with Nutella. Yes, the Nutella combined with coffee made the BEST brownie frosting you can imagine. Anything with Nutella, in my opinion, is just the best! And besides, homemade frosting is always better.


gluten free chocolate dessert


This gluten-free chocolate coffee brownie is not considered as one of my healthier recipes…sorry. This chocolate dessert is decadent, rich and absolutely amazing. And when it comes to a special occasion like Mother’s day, it is time to spoil someone we love so much. I think your mom will agree!

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