7 Healthy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Side Dishes Not To Miss


Here is a collection of 8 gluten-free mouthwatering side dishes that will make your Thanksgiving dinner unforgettable. If you are having turkey as the main attraction, you will love these healthy simple to make vegetarian recipes.

These sides are not your typical Thanksgiving recipes. The tasty vegetarian sides will add tremendous flavour and textures that will pair wonderfully with Thanksgiving dinner.


Braised Kale Cabbage And Carrots

kaleThis dish is so simple to prepare yet tastes absolutely wonderful. Kalecabbage and carrots make tempting partners in this tasty dish. This light vegan dish is packed with healthy nutrients, enjoy!





Simply Beet Salad

beet, saladIn this light beet salad, the sweet beets are marinated in a light vinaigrette making this healthy salad delightful.

Beets are well known to reduce inflammation, help with detoxification and may help ward off cancer. They are also high in vitamin C and fiber. The beet salad can be served over greens as a main or as a side with pork, chicken or beef




Sweet Potato And Acorn Squash Mash

potato, acorn, mashLooking for a healthier option of mashed potatoes? Try this delicious sweet potato and acorn squash mash recipe.

This side of the mash is simple to make and is packed with healthy nutrients. Dairy-free option included




Roasted Brussel Sprouts With Fresh Figs

brussel sprouts, figsEntertain like a chef with this sumptuous roasted brussel sprouts with fresh figs recipe. The tiny cabbages are lightly spiced and caramelized with added sweetness from the fresh figs.

Brussel sprouts are not everyone’s favourite vegetable, but this vegan dish is always a huge hit with turkey dinner.




Stewed Red Cabbage With Apples

red cabbageThe zesty stewed red cabbage with apples will upstage any side. During festive season it is nice to find a recipe that is a bit different from typical classic sides.

When serving turkey this stewed red cabbage with apples recipe will impress your guests every time




Simply Roasted Fennel With Carrots

fennel, carrotsThis dish is so simple to prepare yet the taste is absolutely wonderful.  Both fennel and carrots are packed with healthy nutrients that promote good health.

This low fat, low cal side dish goes well with any main, but especially with turkey dinner




Gluten-Free Apple Spinach Stuffing Muffins

Delicious stuffing can be the highlight of a meal. This stuffing is made with apples and spinach and seasoned with sage and thyme.

Instead of stuffing the turkey, the stuffing is made of individual portions in a muffin pan. The crispy outside and soft inside are what makes this stuffing a winner.

Serve with turkey, chicken or pork. The best part is, if there is any stuffing leftover, it is just the thing for mopping up gravy the next day



Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!