100% Gluten Free Restaurants: The Newest Trend

Gluten Free eateries are popping up everywhere

If there is one new thing that’s solidified itself as being the biggest trend in eating out since going vegan, it’s restaurants catering to a gluten- free diet. Going gluten-free has many health benefits including weight loss and getting essential vitamins your body desperately needs, and 100% gluten-free restaurants are popping up everywhere to meet demand. So where did it all come from, and what is it all for?

Cutting out gluten has long been the staple of the diet of those that suffer from certain digestive diseases or allergies, but only in recent times has it hit the masses. Getting rid of gluten often means cutting out the nasty, over-processed foods we so often find ourselves eating. Without it, people notice that digestion becomes easier, they lose weight and are flush with energy that they never knew they had. It isn’t easy, but it is definitely worth it.






Why 100% Gluten-free restaurants?

Those who are on a strict, gluten-free diet often find it difficult to get what they desire when they eat out at restaurants. So many of the common foods we all eat are full of processed ingredients, and not up to the standards that the gluten-free diet places on its adherents. People wanted an alternative where they didn’t have to ask a million questions to the wait staff about what was in the food or worry about gluten contamination in the kitchen from all of the other food.

What Will I Find There?

Well, you can find a lot of things, but the only thing you won’t find is gluten. Forget about gluten-free sections on the menu, at these establishments, it is simply nowhere to be found -not in the kitchen, in the products, under the tables or anywhere else. This takes the stress out of having to worry about what is in your food, or how it has been made.

Are These Restaurants Really Popular?

Yes. Take a look at some of these numbers:
• US Foods reported a 200% increase in demand since 2009 for gluten-free food
• 4.2 Billion in sales of Gluten-free food in the past year
• Restaurants that add GF sections to their menu have seen an 8% increase in sales

Regardless of what anyone thinks, gluten-free is here to stay, and the dramatic rise of 100% gluten-free restaurants is a testament to the power that this diet holds. Expect it to grow more in the future, as more and more people notice the dramatic health benefits that gluten-free recipes offer.