How to Choose a Perfect Hostess Gift During Holiday Season


During festive season there are many party and dinner invitations, and it is customary to bring a gift for the hostess or host. The gift is called hostess gift and differs from the gift you would bring to a birthday or anniversary celebration.

A hostess gift is something that the hostess or host would use for entertaining, as opposed to a birthday gift which would be something personal like perfume or jewelry.

It is important to be discreet when giving a hostess gift. Not everyone will bring a gift, and you don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable. But most importantly tell your hostess or host to open the gift after the dinner party


Here are 3 top hostess gifts and how to give them




giftWhen you choose flowers for your host or hostess, they should be delivered the day after the party with a thank you note.

There is nothing more disrupting for a hostess then receiving a bouquet of flowers which she has to find the right vase for and cut the stems off before placing them in water.

A hostess is very busy greeting and serving other guests, and she will have to stop what she is doing to find time for the flowers.

But even more importantly, some people have allergies to various flowers, in which case they won’t be able to keep the flowers. If you do decide to send flowers, I recommend sending a potted plant, like an orchid they last longer





giftWine is a good choice, as long as you tell your host or hostess that the wine is a gift and not to be served at the dinner or party.

There are some reasons why your host or hostess should not open the wine at the dinner or party.

You have most likely chosen an exceptional wine which you would like the hostess and or host to enjoy and not to share with their guests.


Or the wine may not be appropriate for the menu. And lastly, if the host or hostess drink only particular wines and choose not to drink the wine you brought, they can re-gift the wine




giftIf you choose to give food, it is wise to find out if your hostess or host has sensitivities or allergies to food. In today’s world, there are many people suffering from gluten sensitivity, dairy, nuts, eggs and or seafood allergies.

There is no sense of bringing food that your hostess or host can’t eat, or in many cases keep in their home because of severe food allergies.

When it comes to giving food as a hostess gift, festive cookies are always welcome. The cookies are ideal for unexpected guest dropping for coffee or inviting neighbours over for some tea.

It is important to gift wrap the cookies, so the hostess doesn’t feel obliged to serve them at the party. The hostess has everything planned to perfection and serving cookies may spoil her dinner menu.

For me, because I love baking, cookies are a good choice, but for some, days before Christmas is a hectic time of year and they may not have time to make special cookies. In this case, I would recommend getting special teas, coffees, chocolate or fancy crackers


Here is a link for our easy to make gluten-free, allergy-friendly cookie recipes.


I wish you and your family healthy, happy, safe and stress-free holiday season