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Exploring New Cuisines While Keeping Gluten-Free

BY JANE SANDWOOD Have you ever wanted to try a new style of food, but you stop yourself because you don’t know if it is gluten-free? The truth is, many Americans who have diet restrictions get stuck into certain food habits in ways that keep their culinary palate clear of exciting, cosmopolitan cuisines. A study by […]

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Best Weight Loss Diets for a Gluten Free Lifestyle

BY JANE SANDWOOD Gluten free living presents a variety of unique challenges in everyday life. One of these challenges is being able to find a weight loss diet that is 100% gluten free. Diets that involve shakes, supplements, and nutritional bars are frequently not gluten free. Additionally, many weight loss meal plans are filled with […]

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Finding The Best Knife For Your Needs

One of the most important parts of any kitchen is a great knife. From novice chefs all the way to culinary masters, this tool is absolutely essential to the proper preparation of any recipe. Whether shopping for yourself, your kitchen or a loved one, there’s a lot that goes into finding the right chef knife for your […]

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Is Keto Diet Gluten-Free?

In recent months many of you have asked me to create gluten-free Keto recipes. Most Gluten-Free recipes are not Keto friendly, and some Keto recipes are not gluten-free. The difference is, a gluten-free diet is just that a diet without gluten in many cases high in carbs. Keto diet is a diet low in carbs, […]

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Can Eating Gluten Cause Hair Loss?

BY NGUYEN HUY Hair loss can be quite a devastating condition for anyone. After all, it can cause significant loss of self-esteem and even lead to emotional problems like anxiety and depression. What many may not realize is that hair loss can be the result of the type of food that you eat. That’s because […]

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New to Gluten Free Living? Avoid These Common Weight Loss Mistakes

BY JANE SANDWOOD If you’ve recently joined the estimated 8.5 million individuals who eat a gluten free diet in the UK, you may still be adjusting to the change. With so much to learn about eliminating gluten from your diet, adapting to this lifestyle is no easy task. This is especially true for those looking to lose […]

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5 Must-Have Foods For Runners

BY EMILY BRATHEN Running is one of the most sought exercises by beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. It’s not only one of those few, less demanding activities but ultimately, it also comes with numerous benefits. But as simple as it sounds, running also has some requirements that need to be replenished. They include increased energy, […]

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How to Make Gluten-free Beef Jerky Recipe with Dehydrator

BY LINDA JACKSON Beef jerky is just delicious and it is one of my top favorite dried foods. Whenever I travel or go on hikes, I make sure I have some beef jerky with me. I can eat jerky as a source of instant energy and also use it in the dishes that I make […]

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Are Vinegars Gluten Free?

When it comes to condiments, vinegar is often on top of the list. When you think of vinegar, the first thing that comes to mind is salad dressing. It may surprise you, but soups and stews, sauces and even gluten free desserts often use vinegar in recipes. Vinegar can also be used for cleaning, hair […]

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