Gluten and Hair Loss


There have been many symptoms and diseases linked to gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. One of the diseases is alopecia areata (autoimmune hair loss). This condition can affect both men and women typically as balding patches or even total body hair loss.


Other reasons for hair loss may be aging, androgens, hypothyroidism, medications, hormonal changes, scalp infections, hereditary, radiation therapy, physical and emotional shock and nutritional deficiencies.


Nutritional deficiencies can be caused by a poor diet or Celiac disease. In Celiac disease, there is damage to the lining of the small intestine, which is called the villi. The villi absorb nutrients from food; when this is damaged, serious health issues may arise, one of which is alopecia areata. If celiac disease is the only cause of hair loss, by following a 100% gluten free diet alopecia may disappear completely after few months.


Important nutrients for healthy hair are zinc, protein, biotin, vitamin A, omega-3 fats, iron and vitamin C. A deficiency of almost any essential nutrient can lead to hair loss.


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