Why Should You Choose Wood-Fired Gluten-Free Pizza


If you are a true foodie, you crave quality ingredients and authentic cooking experiences. And who doesn’t love a great pizza? We all love pizza as it is just a kind of stress buster food that fills you with “Happy Hormones”

Though there is a wide variety of pizzas available a wood-fired pizza has always been the most favourite among others. 






3 Reasons To Choose Wood-fired Pizza


Wood-fired Ovens Cook Pizza Quickly

With a wood-fired pizza oven, you can attain higher temperatures—approximately 500 to 700 degrees. This sharply cuts pizza cooking time. As a result, you can expect your pizza to cook in just two to five minutes in a wood-fired oven (depending on the dough thickness).


Wood-Fired Ovens Help Food Retain Nutrients

Cooking over an open flame in a wood-fired oven cooks vegetables and fruits very quickly and helps them retain specific nutrients and antioxidants. A longer cooking process can cause depletion of these antioxidants and nutrients and diminish the pizza’s nutritional value.


Wood-Fired Ovens Boost Food Flavor

The enhanced flavour that wood-fired cooking offers is due to even heat distribution. Also, cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven imparts a unique, smoky flavour that is impossible to replicate with a traditional home oven.

So now we know that a wood-fired pizza is the best. But most of us don’t have a wood-fired oven so we use a traditional oven to create the best pizza we can.

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But if you decide to make a pizza at home, here are our top 3 gluten-free pizza recipes that will guide you simply with best results


Our top 3 gluten-free pizza recipes


pizza, taco, meatless















   Gluten-Free Meatless Taco Pizza


butternut squash, pizza















Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Pizza
















Outrageously Easy Quinoa Pizza Crust



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