Why are Ready-Made Gluten-Free Products so Expensive?

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivities as a whole have been on the rise in North America and in various regions around the world. The mainstream marketplace is now stocked with gluten-free foods to substitute pasta, bread, cookies and flour – all items that are usually full of gluten. Gluten can cause serious health complications for […]

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Brown Rice vs. White Rice: Things You May Not Know

  It is widely known that brown rice is the healthier option between white rice. Many sources like food blogs and health articles highlight the extensive refining process of white rice against the wholeness of brown nice. However, while the facts are there, there isn’t necessarily one that is better than the other. Glycemic Index […]

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Going Gluten-Free: Starting Your Journey

Going gluten-free can be overwhelming. Gluten is in most of the food products that we consume in North America, and can be daunting to sort out what is safe from what is not. If you are starting the journey, it may be tempting to only “cut-back” on gluten. However, with gluten, it is important to […]

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dry chickpeas, garbanzo beans

Why Chickpeas Should Be Your Best Friend This Winter

If you are looking for a great source of gluten-free, vegetarian protein, the legume family is the way to go. This means that peas, lentils, and, especially, chickpeas are a great healthy option to help your body stay at its best this winter. Chickpeas are high in protein, calcium, and fibre, meaning they help keep […]

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Grain-Free VS Gluten-Free

Is grain for everyone? Why is gluten so bad? Is gluten-free same as grain- free? How has wheat changed over the last century?   WHAT IS A GRAIN? Grains are dry seeds, with or without attached fruit layers. The most common grains are wheat, corn, oats and rice. Grains raise your blood sugar as much […]

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lectins phytates gluten free diet

Lectins, Phytates and Gluten Free Diet

If you are following a gluten-free diet, you may have heard of lectins and phytates, two compounds commonly found in grains and legumes. While they offer some health benefits, they can also be problematic for some people. Today, we’ll talk about lectins and phytates and their potential effects on nutrient absorption and digestion. What are […]

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