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Zucchini and Rice Noodle Vegetarian Pasta

Zucchini and rice noodle vegetarian pasta is a great dish for vegetarians looking for a quick treat that is both low in calories and low in fat. This gluten-free meal is healthy, simple, and fantastic. In total, the prep and cooking is about 10 minutes. Just boil up the noodles, fry up some spices, add in the zucchini and put it all together, and you have a budget-friendly, mouth-watering meal.
This one makes our-time favorites list because of its flavor and simplicity, not to mention that it is a lot lower in carbs then traditional pasta dishes. It is perfect for a quick mid-day snack to take to work, or for an evening meal. Few recipes are as simple, convenient, and healthy as this one.
Check out the recipe here: http://onlyglutenfreerecipes.com/recipe-items/zucchini-rice-noodles-vegetarian-pasta/




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