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Savoury Cheesy Treats




I call these ‘treats’ because I believe in balance when it comes to food, exercise and life in general. Too much of one thing can be boring or even harmful so today is a day for these mouthwatering savoury treats.

These scrumptious savoury cheese treats are a great alternative to anytime snacks or breakfast just add poached egg on top and your breakfast is ready. I have held back on the fats and used yogurt instead because the combination of green onions and tasty cheeses make this a delectable savoury snack without adding more fat.

I like to use is Asiago and Fontina but you can use parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar the list of cheeses is endless.




This recipe is super easy to make in no time, the aroma in your kitchen of freshly baked cheese with green onions is overwhelming.

So spoil yourself a bit and add a little extra cheese making this one of those days when we add a treat to create balance in our happy lives. Enjoy!


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