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10 Important Facts To Consider When Eating Gluten Free Food

If you have a sensitivity to Gluten or have Celiac Disease, there are important things to consider when eating gluten free food.




  1. You must completely segregate your kitchen to avoid cross-contamination
  2. You must have a separate toaster
  3. Every utensil you use must go through dishwasher first including a cutting board
  4. You must read all the labels and if you don’t understand an ingredient contact the manufacturer
  5. Spices ~ Must be gluten free
  6. When eating out, ask your server if your meal is 100% gluten-free, most restaurants say “to best of our ability” meaning NO unless you are eating at a gluten free restaurant
  7. Do not share a butter plate
  8. Visiting friends for dinner, you will need to bring your food because of cross contamination not necessarily because of the food they are serving
  9. When travelling always pack a cooler with gluten free food
  10. Making food from scratch  ~  making food from scratch may be a luxury to some, this is why part of our work is filtering through hundreds of new products and using only the gluten free products that work well.



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  • 1. Eating gluten free, organic and fresh wholesome foods is a good start to healthy living!