Pantry Must Haves for Gluten-Free Cooking

Gluten is present in a wide variety of foods, making it difficult to avoid. However if you know the gluten-free alternatives made available in most supermarkets, it’s easy to prepare your favorite meals by simply substituting some ingredients.
You can find gluten in most products that contain flour, including breads, cakes and pasta. It’s also often found in soups, sauces and some processed foods.
Food groups that are naturally gluten-free include:

    · Fruits
    · Meat and poultry
    · Seafood
    · Vegetables
    · Dairy
    · Beans and Pulses
    · Nuts

By making use of these food groups you will be able to have a wide and incredibly varied gluten-free diet. Even if you still have cravings for cupcakes, spaghetti, or flour thickened sauces, there are some easy to find alternatives to flour.  These include:

    · Rice Flour: This plain tasting flour is great for baking and thickening sauces. It’s also good for flat breads, pancakes and cookies.
    · Buckwheat Flour: A grain that can be used for baking, and is great for breads and cakes.
    · Potato Flour: This is an excellent flour for thickening sauces and making savory items such as breads, fritters and scones.
    · Millet Flour: A good substitute for sweet recipes such as cakes and biscuits.
    · Nut flours: There are a few varieties of nut flours. Although they’re usually good for most recipes, they can sometimes be a little dense when making lighter bread and cakes.
    · Quinoa: Quinoa can be a really good alternative to pasta in many dishes, and is exceptionally tasty when used in salads.
    ·Gluten-free oats: Oats can be used in many different meals instead of flour and are really good for biscuits, cakes and flapjacks to create delicious snacks.

With alternative ingredients it’s possible to recreate some of your favourite dishes, without unwanted gluten. If you’re looking to try something new with these gluten-free ingredients, be sure to check out our Only Gluten-Free recipe section.

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