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Mediterranean Olive Bread – Gluten Free


Olives are widely used for cooking in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Including olives in our diet will add many health benefits, they help eliminate cholesterol in the blood, are excellent source of vitamin E, may reduce degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and act as antioxidants protecting our cells. More on olives >>>>>>>







I love olive bread, especially soaked in olive oil and filled with olives. So I decided to create a gluten-free version but the crust had to be super crunchy which made this a big challenge for me. I have tried many different combinations of flours and starches and finally I created ‘the perfect olive bread’.





This recipe is super easy to make no need for long kneading, but you will need a cast iron pot with a lid that is big enough to fit the bread in.





If you like olives, you will love this gluten-free olive bread it is mouthwatering and very addictive. I used very little salt because I find that the olives make the bread salty enough.






This bread is even better the next day, the saltiness of olives seep in the bread making it super delicious. It will keep up to 4 days at room temperature when covered with a dry towel.





Mediterranean olive bread.





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