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Lasagna Fusion


Who doesn’t love good lasagna, but some of us don’t want all the fat and carbohydrates.

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This lasagna is low in fat and has just little pasta for the pasta lovers with plenty of vegetables and just enough organic beef to satisfy those who love meat.P1080492


For me, good lasagna is based on the sauce, whether you are making a vegetarian or meat lasagna the sauce is what makes it. I decided to make this lasagna partly vegetarian, partly meat and partly pasta, thus cutting down on the fats and carbs. P1080486



First I start with a good sauce which consists of lean organic ground beef and combination of vegetables that will create a delicious sauce with a punch, if I am making this only for adults I love to add some hot chili peppers, that really makes it for me! Adding mushrooms and red peppers at the end and cooking it for only few minutes leaves the veggies slightly firm which only adds to the goodness of the sauce. For the cheese layer I wanted to cut back on the fat, which many cheeses have, but still have the creamy rich delicious taste, so I incorporated spinach, garlic, nutmeg and organic low fat ricotta cheese with an organic egg. The minced garlic creates a piquant taste, which goes perfectly with the meat sauce. Since I wanted a little pasta I used only 4 sheets for the entire lasagna.  For the topping I was looking for something light but not dry, by adding zucchini under the bocconcini, I didn’t have to use as much cheese, and still have perfectly finished lasagna.

This is truly an amazing meal for the entire family, for those of you that love pasta and cheese, this is a perfect solution.

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