July 4th ~ Let’s Celebrate With Delicious Food


July 4th America’s Birthday is a great day for family and friends to get together with delicious food. Here is a list of my favourite GLUTEN FREE recipes


For the appetizers



Best guacamole recipe  Best Guacamole Dip


Perfect salsa                   Salsa




For the main course



Perfect chili                   Chili


Turkey burgers              Turkey burger


Mouth watering ribs     Ribs


For the vegetarians ~ Meatless lasagna     Meatless lasagna



For the sides



Easy healthy bean salad              Bean Salad


Beet salad in light vinaigrette     Beet salad



Light pasta salad                           Light Pasta Salad


Cucumber salad                           P1050620



And for desert ~ Super easy large crowd pleaser



Light gluten free trifle                    Triffle



For special drinks, here are some links that may be of interest













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