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Gluten Free Is Not A Fad, But For Some It Is The Latest Craze


Gluten Free Is Not A Fad, But For Some It Is The Latest Craze






Many people self diagnose themselves and after going gluten free they lose some weight. They feel that they have gluten sensitivity, but truly avoiding foods with gluten, which are mostly cakes, muffins, breads, pizza and loaded with bad fats, sugars, and carbs is why some lose weight. Even if you did not eat gluten-free and avoided these foods, you would lose weight.



For those of us who have celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten we treat eating gluten-free as way of life to keep our bodies healthy.



But there is another question, is gluten free healthy? Many products on the shelves these days say gluten-free, but if you read the labels carefully you will find that they have added sugars, bad fats, salt, color and some ingredients which we can’t even pronounce just to make the food taste good.



This means that if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and want to eat a healthy diet you should read the labels carefully or better yet cook your own food from fresh ingredients.



It surprises me that our produce department does not mark fruits and vegetables gluten free since just about everything can be labeled gluten free such as sodas, oils, canned tomatoes, candies, juices and more. Many of these have not changed their ingredients, just their label, stating they are gluten free because it has become a billion-dollar business.



Have you ever tried a healthy gluten free cookie? One that is made with raw nuts, coconut oil, maple syrup, pure vanilla, buckwheat and dark chocolate. These are amazing and yes they are healthy and gluten free.



Eating healthy is important for everyone, whether you have celiac disease, sensitivity to gluten, or just want to keep a healthy body! Eating foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy oils (coconut, extra virgin olive oil, nut oils), maple syrup (instead of sugar), pure sea salt (instead of table salt), GF flour (quinoa, buckwheat), and organic grass fed meats, poultry, and wild fish is what promotes good health.  Some say you don’t get enough complex carbohydrates, but a gluten-free diet is loaded with ultra healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, squash, apples, and strawberries. The list is almost endless, since most fruits and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates. All of these can be used to create healthy meals without adding gluten to your cooking.



Eating processed foods, whether they are gluten free or not comes to the same conclusion; they are not as healthy as freshly made meals from fresh ingredients.



In conclusion, assuming that “ gluten free” means healthy is wrong. Nor does eating “sugar free” or “fat free” mean healthier, because in most cases there are artificial ingredients added which are worst for you. Eating a well balanced diet from wholesome natural ingredients is healthy and celiac disease and gluten sensitivity is real.



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