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Gluten-Free Asian Meatballs

One part East-Asian delicacy, one part Western hors d’oeuvre, these gluten-free and egg-free meatballs are bursting with delectable Asian flavours. However, the water chestnuts are what really give these treats their tantalizing texture. Although they can fill a number of roles, they are best served as an appetizer or party snack. They are a great complement to rice or vegetables, and have everything you need to satisfy a diverse crowd.

gluten free Asian meatballs

They might be easy to make, but certainly aren’t short on flavour or nutrition. Ready in under 40 minutes and jam-packed with spices, you might find yourself reaching for more than the recommended serving size of 3. Once you take them out of the oven, make sure to put them on a plate, garnish, and then serve with your favourite Asian dipping sauces.

You can find the recipe here: http://onlyglutenfreerecipes.com/asian-meatballs…….

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