Cooking With Kids ~ Healthy, Easy And Fun

“Healthy eating habits created early in life tend to continue” ~





Kids love experimenting, whether it is with paint, projects or food it is all exciting for them, so why not start with food, they can create interesting recipes and they get to eat it too, it doesn’t get more fun then this.






We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for our kids but getting them to eat a good variety can be at times challenging. The secret is to start them young and involve them in the kitchen as much as possible, whether it is washing the fruit, getting the ingredients ready or mixing ingredients in a bowl they will enjoy it and at the same time they will spend quality time with you. In our modern world many moms work full time and when they get home they rush around trying to prepare healthy meals for their families, which can take away from spending quality time with their children.






I found cooking was a good way to spend quality time with our children and also was a good time teaching them about healthy eating habits.





Kids are more then happy to help in the kitchen especially if you start them young, yes sometimes it can get a little messy but in the end it is well worth it, and they will always remember the times you were teaching them how to make cookies, soups or pizza.  Involving them in planning your weekly meals is also important, it gives them some responsibility and if they choose a pizza you can create a healthy pizza, or if they are not too crazy about soups let them choose the vegetable they love and create a soup from that. While you are busy in the kitchen they talk non-stop about many things which is always fun. Getting them to create their own recipe is the best, asking them why they choose a specific ingredient is good question, it will make them think about how to combine their ingredients. Getting them involved in clean up is important, they will appreciate the hard work you put into making their meals and will help with clean up after as well.





Starting with simple recipes that your kids will love like salads…yes let them choose the ingredients you would be surprised how easily they can create healthy salads that they will eat, they love carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, oranges, apples, cheese, snow peas just give them a good selection, a salad does not have to be just lettuce, you would be surprised what they can create, also teaching them some of the health benefits each ingredient has will make it even more interesting for them, children love new information they are like sponges and absorb everything.





Making healthy chocolate chip cookies is also a good way to teach them about sugars and fats, even making pizzas and choosing a healthy topping, which shows them that you can eat what you love and it can still be healthy, there are many ways to teach our children about eating healthy food.
Our recipes for kids are created to promote healthy lifestyles, they are easy and fun to make and even the pickiest eater can find something that they will love and yes they are all gluten free.

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